Tiny Solstice

Another version of Robin Perfetti’s Solstice, made with a tiny thread (on the right).


Pattern by Robin Perfetti, on the right: Solstice, on the left: Dainty

Thread: Lizbeth 80, colour 602 (natural). Not stiffened yet.


See my first version of Solstice (a bigger one) here.


First round of the Dainty Snowflake (pattern by Robin Perfetti from http://tattingbythebay.blogspot.com/2016/12/dainty-snowflake.html)


At first I tried to make it with Swarovski crystals but it came out uneven. I have to improve the technique of putting beads into the centre.

Meanwhile, I decided to make one without beads and I’m in the second round now. I will share with you the results soon.

Thread: Lizbeth 80.









UPDATE: Finished Dainty




Hi tatters! This is my snowflake from Robin Perfetti’s pattern Solstice. You can download the free pattern on her blog.


I really like her clear instructions.

Unfortunately I lack some knowledge about split rings. I tried to climb up to the second row with a split ring but I think I don’t really get the idea of it. You can see it on the picture – it can be distinguished from others. Do you have any tips how to avoid that?



Tatted heart

I thought about making a wedding card with a tatted heart on it using the Susan K. Fuller’s Heart’s Desire pattern published on the following website:


I’m going to use the diagram pattern as it’s easier to follow for me than the written one. It is available at:


I will share the results with you soon!


I’ve lost the finished heart!… I probably left it in another city during my stay there last weekend. So now I only have some last pictures of it.

I was not really satisfied with the finished item because as you can see I didn’t stretch tight the rings symmetrically enough. Anyway, I lost a couple of hours making it and I liked the effect… I will try again on another occasion and hopefully the next heart will come off better.

If you know this pattern and have tatted it, please share some pictures of your works! See you.